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Hi, I am kitchai. I have been in software development for 8 years since I graduated in 2001. I have worked for a number of organizations ranging from local to multinational company. In my careers, I have taken on the responsibilities in software bugs fixing, new software application development, software application enhancement and software application revamp. Business domain specialization includes multilevel marketing, document management, retail system, customer relationship management and kpi tracking and reporting system.

My experiences tell me that a software application that is build to last long is the one with proper architecture and design patterns. Of course, the development can be further simplified and made productive with the use of state of the art software technologies and framework like .NET framework and other enterprise libraries made available by Microsoft and other open source communities.

I am still learning and exploring to tap on the software architecture and design patterns to solve our daily application development problem. So, the application will be more robust and resilient to change.

It is good that knowledge is shared and applied in our daily lives. By sharing knowledges, we solve the problem of other people and we grow with them together in the knowledge is power arena.
Your invaluable comments and questions will help me grow.